Previous Writings

August 12, 2005

I'm still not sure how "Rainbow" is doing in the Heartland film festival. I've kept myself busy this summer with my internship with the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival. It is really interesting to see how festivals work from both the aspect of the filmmaker and the festival judges at the same time.

I'm also loosing video time to a new job. I'm now working as an art teacher, but it doesn't really pay the bills. Anything sure helps though. I'm also going to add some pictures of some of my recent art projects to the site, with patterns if I can before too long.

I'll be sure to get "Rainbow" up here on the site just as soon as I hear back from Heartland.

May 24, 2005

My films have been taking off. "Rainbow" won the Rosa Parks Scholarship the University and will be heading to the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis soon.

I've been experimenting with some new video techniques and just today began working on using blue screens. I'll put up one of my attempts at adding backgrounds soon. I'm working on learning how to do it through Adobe After Effects 6.0. I'm continually blown away by how much I can do with this piece of software.

April 2005

Swamp's 42 is the name of my independent movie production company. The swamp part is inspired by the TV show M*A*S*H. It is my chosen screen name and this is my 42, my answer to life the universe and everything. There is nothing else that compares to making a movie. This site is the safe haven for these types of student short films and a resource for other students.

Feel free to enjoy watching the uploaded shorts under the sub-heading movies.