Little Blob of Clay

This movie is the first stop-motion movie I ever made. I used the Lego Studios set with the very childish editing software and the Lego webcam. I used some basic cream colored modeling clay purchased from a local hobby store.

As this was my first film, I didn't know how to use the Lego Studio program yet. I was unaware of the stop-motion features of the program, so I invented my own way to do it. I would position my clay in front of the camera and then click record and stop as fast as I could. The frame rate is variable based on how fast my mouse was moving over the right areas of the screen. The audio is the captured audio of whatever CD I was listening to when I made the movie. It is cut together in pieces that are fractions of a second, just like the video.

There isn't really anything special about the movie, but it is my first. I made it in my senior year in high school. There was magic the first time I played back that little animated short.